earth day 2017

earthday 2017


earth day 2017

3.5 seconds after I post this some of my friends will start saying how this looks like an ad for a feminine hygiene product and I am fine with that you asshats as long as you pick up some freakin’ trash today and support wind and solar. 🙂

the painter and the pin-up


Shot the same week, many years ago. The beautiful painter for WI Academy Review and the lovely pin up for WJJO Radio. My weeks are rarely ever mundane. 🙂
“the painter and the pin up”
© john urban




This MIGHT fall under “first world accomplishment.”
TV floating 15 inches out from wall. All HDMI, speaker wire, optical cables and power running through the wall to the basement stairwell. Suck it, Geek Squad! So what if you could have done it faster than the 5 years it took me!

ps…Karen Tuerk, thank you for the crate that I love more than many of my family members!

the mascot theory – pumpkin spice flavored edition


Oh they’re a gang alright, but the kind that will make you a cappuccino, build you a fire and find you an extra blanket.
Then play some amazing music for you. New promo image for my friends The Mascot Theory. AND you can see them tomorrow night [11.5.16] as part of the fantastc line up for Flannel Fest 2016 at the High Noon Saloon.

the mascot theory – pumpkin spice flavored edition
© john urban
[post production – Erik Kjelland]